Universal Rules

  • Don't be a dick
  • No sexism, racism, homophobia or any type of hate speech, especially targeted at specific users.
  • Please respect all players. Blatant harassment of the staff, or any one else, can result in a kick or a ban.
  • You are responsible for your own account. If your account is used by someone else for griefing the server in any way, it will be banned. Please do not message the moderators with the excuse that someone else used your account. We have no way to verify this, and as such, it will not be tolerated as an excuse.
  • Players blatantly using modifications to change gameplay may be asked to stop, kicked, or banned with little warning. This includes, but is not limited to: noclip, invincibility, speed, and duping hacks.
  • No griefing, including but not limited to: destroying blocks placed by other players, flooding structures, spamming items, leaving inappropriate signs on othersí structures, destroying plants (none of these apply to chaos)
  • No "grief-baiting". This means that players cannot try to get other players in trouble by tricking/forcing them to destroying structures in an attempt to get the player warned or banned. This will fall under our umbrella "Don't be a dick." rule and will (if abused enough) result in a ban.
  • No attempts to circumvent any protections on the server, including but not limited to the server script, LWC(Chest protection), WorldGuard(Block protection), and No Cheat Plus. Attempts to do so without permission will result in a ban without appeal.
  • Invisible or glitched players may have their data reset without warning.
  • No sharing of illegal content.
  • No trolling in chat (Donít spam the chat with useless twaddle)
    • This includes no role playing in general chat.
    • No posting of other players' personal information without their explicit permission in general chat or to anyone else on the servers (including but not limited to: names, photographs, addresses, and social networking profiles).
    • We are not responsisble for protecting players' alt accounts - however if a player does not want their alt accounts publicized, then you need to respect that. Taunting players with the names of their alt accounts, particularly if those players have made it clear that they are uncomfortable with this, will be treated as harassment.
    • If you are banned under one account you cannot play on other accounts on the server while the ban is still in effect. If you are caught playing on alt accounts while your main account is banned will result in your alt accounts being permanently banned.
    • Any rules placed at spawn on the servers supersede the rules here as they will generally be more up-to-date.
    • No offensive or inappropriate skins. Failure to change when asked by a mod will result in a ban until it is changed.
    • No NSFW constructions (e.g. giant phallic buildings).
    • Absolutely no impersonation of staff members.
    • No advertising of non-BuildingShit.com servers.

    Banning Policy

    • In most cases, an attempt at establishing communication will be made prior to a ban. However, during certain times the server can be very busy, and depending on reason for the ban, you may not be warned. In situations where the player is significantly changing the game environment, they may be banned without any warning.
    • You may appeal bans by following the appeals process at: http://buildingshit.com/appeal
    • If you are banned, please do not make forums topic, it will be ignored and deleted.
    • Ban appeals will not be discused in the in-game chat.
    • Lifting bans is done entirely at the discretion of the mods / admins, and conditions may be imposed if a ban is lifted.

    Creative Rules

    Survival Rules